Prof. Ibrahim Rawther Treasurer

Ibrahim ravootharProf. Ibrahim Rawther is currently the Treasurer of the Muslim Association. Since assuming office he has been working tirelessly to raise the quality of education through very meaningful interventions. He has taken the initiative to introduce recent technology in accounting and finance in the association.

As District Secretary of the Muslim Education Society (MES) during the years 2007-2010 and 2013-2016, he was instrumental in establishing very positive and innovative initiatives in Trivandrum.

He was formerly Professor of Chemistry in various Government Colleges all over the State for over 30 years and has immense experience in quality education and enhancement of skilled institutions. His students now occupy very prestigious positions in the State and abroad. His interest in cultural diversity and higher education have led to his extensive touring of countries like Canada, USA, Japan, UAE, and Singapore. This experience and wide exposure is being utilised positively in raising the quality of education in the institutions under the association.