Mechanical Engineering


The Mechanical Engineering Department was established in the year 2005. The school of Mechanical Engineering offers both a broad mechanical engineering degree that has emphasis on fluid mechanics, mechatronics, hydraulics, automotive engineering and medical engineering. Engineers qualified in all these areas play a key role in the design and manufacture of items that impact on modern living and our everyday lives, whether it comprises of household goods, healthcare products, sports equipment, reliable cars, aircraft or other transport system.

The department has a very efficient advisory system which always keeps very close teacher-student relationship. The faculty of the department is well qualified and dedicated to the improvement of academic standards and is keen on the overall development of the students. The faculty has been trained in various National and International workshops, seminars and training programs to cope with rapidly changing teaching methodologies and to impart efficient knowledge to the students. The laboratories and the workshop in the department and the supporting departments give ample opportunities to the students of Mechanical Engineering for gaining practical knowledge and hands on experience. Industrial visits and Educational tours are made an integral part of the curriculum to familiarize the student with the industrial environments and working conditions.

Educational objective of the department

To produce graduates who can be employed as practicing engineers in fields such as, design, research development, testing and manufacturing.


M.Tech in Industrial Engineering was started in the Academic Year 2014 and is going on in full swing. Students after post graduation get a thorough knowledge on industries, industrial relations.The program aims to provide an education that is directly applicable to a career in industry and is suitable for churning out experienced professionals .The program is designed to educate a new type of engineering workforce which is currently in high demand.






Dr.Subramonia Pillai.N Associate Professor and Head of the Department M.E( Internal Compustion Engines),  Phd
Ms. Zaina T.M Asso. Professor M.Tech (Industrial Engineering)
Mr. Amal Pratap Asst. Professor M.E (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)
Mr. Sreejith S Asst. Professor M.Tech (Machine Design)
Mr. Mohamed Shaheer A Asst. Professor M.E (Manufacturing Engineering)
Mr. Aarif Muhammed T Asst. Professor M.Tech (Thermal Science)
Mr. Ramesh M.S Asst. Professor M.Tech (Production and Industrial Engineering)
Mr.Mohammed Ziad Asst. Professor M.E Energy Engineeering
Mr.Pramod.S Asst. Professor M.E (Thermal Engineering)
Technical Staff



Mr. V Muraleedharan Nair Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Mr. Sajjad Kamarudeen Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Mr. K. Balachandran ITI Fitter
Mr. A. Shajahan ITI Refrigeration & A.C


The department is equipped to meet the requirement of both class room teaching and has sophisticated laboratory arrangements.

Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshop under the Department of Mechanical engineering provides full fledged knowledge about the following sections, Carpentry, Sheet metal, Fitting, Foundry, Smithy, Welding, Plumbing. All the above sections have adequate competent staff to impart quality knowledge of the above trades with more than adequate tools and machinery.


The CAD lab of our department includes almost 40 workstations with support for advanced CAD applications. The teaching faculty are very devoted and competent with full fledged knowledge in most advanced modeling and analysis softwares in the Mechanical stream. The S3 Students are introduced to 2D drawings in Autodesk AutoCAD and also modeling in Think3 Think design. The S6 students are trained for part assembly in Think3 Think design and analysis in Algor.

Fluid Mechanics and Machines Laboratory

The laboratory is common for the Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering students. This lab gives a very detailed exposure to the students in various flow measuring devices, pumps, turbines, hydraulic ram, metacentric height determination, laminar and turbulent flow measurement and other required areas in fluid mechanics.

Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory

The IC Engines Lab has all the required facilities to enable the students to get first hand information on two stroke and four stroke petrol and diesel engines. Cut section models of single cylinder two stroke and four stroke engines are provided in the lab to enable the students to get thorough knowledge on the working of engines. Experiments on other apparatus like bomb calorimeter, redwood viscometer, flash and fire point apparatus are conducted.

Production Engineering Laboratory

Production Engineering lab aims at value added training to mechanical engineering students on the general industrial machines like centre lathes, turret lathes, capstan lathe, imported semi automatic lathes, shapers, planners, slotting machines and drilling machines which are operated by the most skilled staff available in their respective fields so that the students are imparted skilled hands on training.

MachineTool Laboratory

CNC Machines are an invariable part of any mechanical production centre. Our machine tools laboratory has the most advanced CNC lathe and Milling machine .The students get training on these machines which will provide the best platform to enable them to get a factory oriented hand on experience. The machine tools lab has 6 horizontal universal milling machines, and one vertical milling machine, radial drilling machine, surface grinding machine, tool and cutter grinder.

Metrology and Metallurgy Laboratory

The metrology lab provides students with a thorough knowledge of various measuring instruments used in the mechanical field. The metallurgy lab enables the students to make a detailed study of the microstructure of various metals. The lab has surface roughness tester, Pneumatic air comparator, Mechanical comparator, slip gauge, Sine bar, Screw thread micrometer, Auto collimator, V Blocks, dial gauge with magnetic stand, Strain gauge, Lathe Tool Dynamomete, Milling Tool Dynamometer, Vernier Calipers, Vernier Height Gauge, Vernier Depth Gauge, Outside and inside, Micrometers, Gear tooth caliper, Feeler and Wire Gauges, Screw pitch gauge, GO – NO GO Gauge with ring, LVDT, Profile Projector. The metallurgy lab has Specimen Cutting machine, Double disk polishing machine, Belt sander with sander disc, Binocular metallurgical microscope.

Thermal Engineering Laboratory

The thermal engineering provides knowledge about the heat and mass transfer studies. It has a full-fledged equipment bank comprising of Metal Bar Apparatus, Parallel flow and Counter flow Apparatus, Lagged pipe apparatus, Emissivity Measuring Apparatus, Refrigeration Tutor, Air Conditioning Test Rig (Duct Type),Thermocouple, Pressure Gauge calibration apparatus, Pitot tube, Rotary and reciprocating air compressors and air blower. The students get to do experiments on all the above equipments under the guidance of our well trained teaching faculty.