Disciplinary Action Council (DAC)

Every student is required to observe discipline and decorous behaviour. Any act of indiscipline, misbehaviour and unfair practice in examinations will be referred to the Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC).

  1. Prof. U Rasheed kutty, Prof. & HOD, Computer Science & Engineering Dept.
  2. Mr. Shameer K Muhammed, Associate Prof. & HOD, Electronics & Communication Dept.
  3. Mr. Amal Pratap, Asst. Prof., Mechanical Engineering Dept.
  4. Mr. Thaha H.S., Asst. Prof., Electrical & Electronics Engineering Dept.

Students Welfare Committee

The Student Welfare Committee is entrusted with the task of looking after the welfare of the students by taking appropriate steps with the concurrence of the principal.

Students Welfare Committee (SWC)

  1. Prof. T. Arshad, Prof. & HOD, Science & Humanities Dept.
  2. Ms. Jismi K, Associate Prof., Electronics & Communication Dept.
  3. Mr. Shijin, Asst. Prof. (Physics), Science & Humanities Dept.
  4. Ms. Abhishta K. S., Associate Prof., Computer Science & Engineering Dept.

Grievances and Appeals Committee

The cell addresses the grievances of the students and considers their appeals on any decisions made by the college.

Grievances and Appeals Committee (GAC) 

  1. Prof. T. M. Mohan, Prof. & HOD, Mechanical Engineering Dept.
  2. Prof. Thahira Beevi M. S., HOD, Civil Engineering Dept..
  3. Ms. Premlakshmi K Nair, Associate Prof., Electrical & Electronics Engineering Dept..
  4. Ms. Rohini V. K., Asst. Prof.(Maths), Science & Humanities Dept.

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